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North Georgia RESA Alternative Certification Program

The Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP) is an alternative certification program for classroom teachers.

About North Georgia RESA GaTAPP

North Georgia RESA is NOT able to guarantee anyone a position in schools. The North Georgia RESA program supports area school systems having a way to certify teachers that they hire through an alternative certification. North Georgia RESA is NOT an employment agency, will not and cannot help an individual with employment. We recommend that a person seeking employment stay current with the postings on https://www.teachgeorgia.org/ or on the individual school district websites.

The Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP) is an alternate pathway for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution, who did not complete a traditional teacher education degree program, and who want to transition into the teaching profession. In an effort to be responsive to the needs of its members, North Georgia RESA works collaboratively with schools and systems to mitigate teacher shortages through its commitment to a rigorous yet highly supportive alternative preparation program. The goal of the GaTAPP pathway is to equip teacher candidates with the necessary skills for initial success in their classrooms through concentrated training opportunities. Such training coupled with quality, on the job learning supported by supervisors, mentors and administrators establishes an induction program that will nurture the growth of teacher candidates.

GaTAPP is Designed For Individuals Who:

  • Wish to transition into teaching from another career path;
  • Did not complete a teacher education program; and
  • Have never held a clear and renewable (professional) teaching certificate

What is "Alternative Preparation"?

The North Georgia RESA Alternative Preparation Program is:

  • a classroom-based teacher preparation option for individuals who have the basic qualifications to teach.
  • an alternative option for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree or higher but who did not complete teacher education requirements as part of their degree programs and have never been certified in any state.
  • an intense internship/induction program that
    • seeks to equip teacher-candidates with the skills to ensure a reasonable expectation of initial success in their classrooms.
    • puts in place a supervised internship/induction program that will help teacher-candidates move toward subsequent mastery of teaching.

Applicants should understand:

  • North Georgia RESA only provides training for the Ga TAPP Program.
  • North Georgia RESA is NOT able to guarantee applicants who have completed the eligibility requirements a position in schools.
  • A related degree is required for our program.
  • The information found on this site is only applicable to the certification programs available through North Georgia RESA.

As candidates enter the North Georgia RESA GaTAPP program, supervisors and mentors note skills and talents candidates bring with them from previous experiences that aide in the transition to classroom teacher.  Throughout enrollment, an analysis of knowledge, performance and dispositions is performed via classroom observations, mentoring activities, cohort trainings and collaborative conversations. Data on the candidates is collected and used to diagnose weakness and differentiate support. Seminars, additional coursework and targeted individual supports relative to specific performance and needs are provided for teacher candidates. These interventions support the movement of the novice teacher candidate towards proficiency in content knowledge, pedagogical skill, and professional dispositions as they engage in learning tasks which are reflective of the mission and beliefs of North Georgia RESA.

North Georgia TAPP Program Philosophy

The philosophical basis for North Georgia RESA’s GaTAPP program is expressed in seven core beliefs that summarize the agency’s disposition toward the provision of effective teacher preparation. They provide the rationale for the practices implemented to ensure a high-quality program.

1. We believe that an effective Teacher Alternative Preparation Program provides:

  • unique opportunities to use advanced learning in real school situations;
  • a systematic process for candidate selection;
  • planned field experiences with supervision;
  • research-based, comprehensive content;
  • interaction with other learners;
  • exemplary instructors;
  • delivery model based on diverse needs of systems;
  • systematic program assessment.

2. We believe that every teacher candidate should be prepared to recognize the diversity that each learner brings to the education process and modify the learning environment to accommodate:

  • values and culture of the learner;
  • individual learning styles;
  • personal experiences and realities;
  • talents and interests.

3. We believe that Teacher Alternative Preparation Programs should infuse appropriate technology into the instructional program by:

  • providing access to current research and worldwide resources;
  • modeling by the instructor;
  • training of the candidate by the instructor.

4. We believe instruction in an effective Teacher Alternative Preparation Program incorporates and models:

  • respect for learner diversity;
  • authentic assessment of the candidates’ knowledge and skills;
  • learning styles;
  • multiple intelligences;
  • self-assessment of concept and skills;
  • real-world connections.

5. We believe that instructors in an effective Teacher Alternative Preparation Program should be:

  • recruited from professionals having in-field or related experiences of expertise;
  • selected according to specific criteria;
  • retained based on evidence of positive impact on candidates’ learning.

6. We believe that teacher candidates in a Teacher Alternative Preparation Program should be:

  • enrolled because of a specific need;
  • recruited from experienced professionals in specified areas;
  • selected according to performance and program criteria;
  • retained based on successful demonstration of assessment standards.

7. We believe that decisions regarding policy and resource acquisitions should be:

  • driven by the need to improve student learning;
  • research-based and credible; collaborative and communicated;
  • responsive to system needs;
  • aligned to program standards.
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