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GaTAPP Program Details


Induction (IN4T Certificate) An applicant must have two full years left on their IN4T certificate to be approved for the program (or one year and a letter from the system indicating that a Waiver will be requested)

Process for Application

Provide North Georgia RESA with a completed application packet

North Georgia RESA GA TAPP application

Program Requirements

1) DEMONSTRATION OF KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND DISPOSITIONS: The program shall require the demonstration of competencies in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for accomplished teaching.

2) Portfolio

3) Classroom Observations with Pre/Post-Conferences with Candidate Support Team (North Georgia RESA supervisor, School administrator, School Based Mentor)

4) Individual Induction Plan

5) Transcripts for completion of all Georgia Special Requirements courses

6) 80 hour course: The Essentials of Effective Teaching - Summer 2017: $600 course fee (All fees are the responsibility of the candidate) Required the summer prior to full program admittance

7) 100-150 Hours: Field-based, Individualized Coaching/Mentoring

8) Seminars


1) EdTPA (to be completed during the third semester)

2) Observations by RESA assigned Supervisor scored at the Proficient performance level

3) E-portfolio based on Danielson's Frameworks scored at the Proficient performance level

4) Disposition rubrics scored at the Proficient level

5) Learning segments scored at the "meets" level

6) Completed appropriate Advisement Sheet

Length of program

2 Years, August through June

Program Fees

See our Dates & Fees page for more details.
All fees are subject to change based on enrollment and are non-refundable
All fees are the responsibility of the candidate

Certification Process

The system submits the official transcripts and request for a Clear-Renewable certificate to the Professional Standards Commission.

Applicants should understand:

North Georgia RESA is NOT able to guarantee applicants who have completed the eligibility requirements a position in schools. The process for selecting potential candidates for GA TAPP is applicable to the NORTH GEORGIA RESA AREA SERVICE ONLY.

GaTAPP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Be sure to read the "Before you begin..."

  2. Where can I find out which subjects I am qualified to teach with my specific Bachelor’s Degree?  Click here to see a list. This will give you an “idea” of what subjects you could possibly teach.

  3. I want to teach a subject that is not an exact match to my degree or is not related to my degree at all.  What do I do?  You must take and pass the appropriate GACE content area test(s) for the subject and grade level that you wish to teach PRIOR to enrolling iTAPP. The GACE registration website is www.gace.ets.org   (If you took and passed the Praxis II content assessment for the area you wish to teach prior to September 1, 2006, those scores will still be accepted.

  4. What is the cost to participate in NGRESA GA TAPP? Please review our fees page

  5. What is included in the fee?  This fee covers the cost of seminars, materials, and textbooks for the two-year program.  The fee also includes costs associated with obtaining instructors and providing the required classroom observations and support meetings performed by RESA personnel. Additional coursework may be required for some certification fields and those costs are not included in the Internship tuition. EdTPA and any GACE tests are not covered as a part of the fees.

  6. Is there any type of financial aid available for TAPP candidates?  There is no NGRESA sponsored organized financial aid for TAPP itself.

  7. Okay, I have met all the pre-requisites for being in TAPP.  What is my next step?  The next step for you would be to begin applying for teaching positions. Try going to each system’s website for current job openings or log onto www.teachgeorgia.org for job postings across the state.

  8. When do courses start?  “The Essentials of Effective Teaching” is held each July with mandatory follow-up seminars held after school and/or Saturday's.  If you are unable to attend the initial training sessions and seminars, TAPP may not be your best route to certification.

  9. How long does the TAPP program take?  You can reasonably expect to be enrolled in NGRESA for two years.  All candidates must complete the program within 4 semesters unless there is a qualifying medical or emergency situations that requires additional time.  These exemptions are not automatic and will be reviewed on an individual basis at the time of a request.

  10. Can I pursue other degrees while I am participating in TAPP?  This is not recommended due to the incredible task you have ahead of you with planning for instruction, teaching classes, and attending classes for TAPP.  Candidates WILL NOT be excused from TAPP courses and sessions to attend courses for other degrees.

  11. What about coaching or sponsoring school events?  While this does not always present a problem, bear in mind that TAPP courses take priority over coaching and sponsorship duties in the event of a scheduling conflict.  These extracurricular activities do not exempt a candidate from any TAPP requirements.

  12. Do I get college credit for courses I take through NGRESA?   No.  All candidates will receive credit towards certification, but not towards a college degree.

GaTAPP Dates, Fees and Payment Information

2019-2020 Dates:

Essentials of Teaching (total of 80 hours of instruction)

Face to Face 9:00 to 4:00
July 8,9,10,11,12 (Mon – Fri) 2019
July  22 (Mon) 2019

Additional dates to be determined

Online dates to be determined.

Completion of modules

*Dates are mandatory for successful completion of the program.


Before you are accepted into the program, a total of $1725 must be received by NGRESA. This amount includes:

Application Fee: $75 non refundable
the Essentials of Effective Teaching: $650
First year tuition down payment: $1000

By September 1, 2019 an additional $2250 (in RESA) or  $3250 (out of RESA) must be received to pay for the first year of tuition.

The second year of tuition must be paid by September 1, 2020. This tuition fee is $2250 (in RESA) or  $3250 (out of RESA).

These fees are for tuition that is paid to NGRESA only. Tuition cost are outlined below:


Application Fee


Essentials of Effective Teaching


Two Year Program- This cost includes tuition, books, supervisor and mentor fees

GA TAPP (If you work within our RESA District)

Down Payment: $1000
Year one: $2250.00
Year two: $2250.00
Total: $5500.00

GA TAPP (If you work out of our RESA District or at an accredited private school)

Down Payment: $1000
Year one: $3250.00
Year two: $3250.00
Total: $7500.00

Additional Fees:

-HB671: PSC Required coursework: $350.00
-Teaching of Reading Across the Curriculum: $350
-Nature and Needs $350.00 (Middle School Only)
-GACE Educator Ethics Program Admission 350: Fees set by ETS
-GACE Educator Ethics Exit 360: Fees set by ETS
-edTPA Submission Fee: $300.00- must be paid third semester when submitting the edTPA portfolio.

Additional Semester (if Needed)


Out of RESA


*Fees for the Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy are evaluated annually and subject to change. Potential and current candidates are to visit the North Georgia RESA web site for current program fees.

For GaTAPP, we accept payment via the following methods only:

Money Order
Cashier's Check

Make the money order or cashier's check payable to North Georgia RESA

*All fees are the responsibility of the candidate.

**All fees are subject to change based on enrollment and are non-refundable.

GaTAPP - Before you begin...

General Understandings:

North Georgia RESA is NOT able to guarantee anyone a position in schools. The North Georgia RESA program supports area school systems having a way to certify teachers that they hire through an alternative certification. North Georgia RESA is NOT an employment agency, will not and cannot help an individual with employment. We recommend that a person seeking employment stay current with the postings on https://www.teachgeorgia.org/ or on the individual school district websites.

The process for selecting potential Candidates for North Georgia RESA GaTAPP is specifically designed for the NORTH GEORGIA RESA AREA ONLY. Applicants will not find the specific requirements listed on any other website including the PSC site. Most GaTAPP programs have specific requirements unique to their program.

  1. Do you have a classroom teaching job with a public school district where you are the teacher of record for at least 50% of the day?
    1. If no, stop here. Without at a position being offered that will employ a candidate at least 50% of the day, you are not eligible for alternative certification. Additionally, you must be the teacher of record. 
    2. If yes, please continue.

  2. Are you seeking certification in a secondary or middle grades academic content?
    1. If no, stop here. At this time, North Georgia RESA is only supporting middle grades and secondary academic contents (English, Math, Science, Social Studies).
    2. If yes, please continue.

  3. Do you have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (no rounding up) or higher from a PSC-Approved accredited college or university?
    1. If no, stop here. Without at least a Bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher you are not eligible for participation in the GaTAPP program.
    2. If yes, please continue.

  4. Have you completed a teacher education program including successfully completing student teaching or held a Clear Renewable teaching certificate in Georgia or any other state?
    1. If yes, stop here. You are not eligible for participation in the GaTAPP program.
    2. If no, please continue.

  5. Do you have a passing score on the GACE Program Admission Assessment (PAA) or do you meet the exemption requirements?

    The GACE Program Admission assessment (Tests 200, 201 & 202) can be exempted ONLY if you have met one of the following below:

    -SAT – minimum 1000 combined Verbal and Math (***After 7/1/2019, the combined score will be 1080)
    -ACT – minimum 43 combined English and Math
    -GRE – minimum 1030 combined Verbal and Quantitative if taken prior to August 1, 2011
    -GRE – minimum 297 combined Verbal and Quantitative if taken on or after August 1, 2011
    -Passed Praxis I prior to September 1, 2006

    1. If no, stop here. Without passing scores or an allowed exemption of the GACE Program Admission Assessment you are not eligible for enrollment currently in the GaTAPP program. In order to register for and take GACE assessments you must FIRST create/update a myPSC account at https://mypsc.gapsc.org/home.aspx You should choose:
      1. Enrolled in a Georgia Educator Preparation Program.
      2. Then you can register for the GACE Program Admission assessment (Tests 200, 201 & 202) at www.gace.ets.org.
    2. If yes, please continue.

  6. Have you taken and passed the Georgia Educator Ethics assessment (Test 350)? 

    ** Candidates entering state-approved teacher preparation programs on or after January 1, 2015 must take and complete Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Entry (Test 350) prior to program admission.  This test may be accessed at www.gace.ets.org. Cost is set by ETS. After creating/updating your MyPSC account on the GaPSC website - select 7 as your reason for testing.

    ** You will then be eligible to take Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Entry (Test #350). When taking GACE assessments for program admission, you must add your program provider as a score recipient when you register or they will not receive notice that you have completed the assessment – We are North Georgia RESA Ga TAPP.

    ** Although a minimum score is not required for the Ethics Program Entry level, candidates must complete all training modules and end-of-module tests to receive credit toward program admission.

    1. If yes, please continue.
    2. If no, then you will need to register and take the ethics assessment before continuing with the application process.

  7. Do you have the dispositions to teach?
    All non-traditional path participants shall be required, by path completion, to demonstrate the following dispositions:
  • Do you have an appreciation of the diversity of the students, the staff, and the community and capitalize on the richness of that diversity;
  • Are your interactions with adults and children friendly, warm, caring, polite, respectful, and developmentally and culturally appropriate;
  • Do you value a culture of learning where students are committed to the value of the subject, accept the teacher’s high expectations, and take pride in quality work and conduct;
  • Do you respond appropriately, respectfully, and successfully to student behavior;
  • Do you intend to provide directions, procedures, and oral and written language that are communicated clearly and accurately;
  • Do you believe in demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness by adjusting lessons, responding to students, and being persistent in your effort to teach all students;
  • Do you value maintaining, accurate, complete records of student assignments and learning and of non-instructional activities
  • Do you recognize the value of frequently and successfully providing instructional information and student progress information to parents and engaging families in the school program;
  • Are you supportive of and cooperative with colleagues and volunteers and are willing to make substantial contributions to school and district projects;
  • Would you be willing to actively seek professional development to enhance content and pedagogical skills and actively assist other educators;
  • Would you proactively serve all students, challenge negative attitudes, and take a leadership role in high quality decision-making; and
  • Would you be committed to understanding and actively participating in the school’s School Improvement process;
  • Would you commit to understanding and practicing the Georgia Code of Ethics;
  • Would you be committed to reflect on your teaching practices, analyze student achievement data, and adjust your performance based on results?

             1. If you do not believe you have these dispositions (qualities), stop here. The teacher-candidate’s dispositions to teach students at the grade level and in the field of interest is critical;

             2. If you believe that you do possess these dispositions, please continue to Step 2.

STEP 2 - I am eligible and interested in the North Georgia RESA GaTAPP. Now What?

You will need to complete the application process with North Georgia RESA.

For Registration and Information Click HERE

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System dates were accurate at the time of creation but are subject to change. Please consult each system's official calendar for the most up to date information.


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