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Want to know what's going on at NGRESA or be informed of current trends in your area of expertise?

Join an email list!

You can now join email lists to stay current on everything going on at NGRESA. We will send periodic messages to your inbox letting you know about upcoming events and news within the field.

Keep in mind that signing up for more than one list may result in duplicate emails when content overlaps. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

NOTE: Gmail and G-Suite users, if you wish to subscribe with a non-Google email address, you must sign out of all Google accounts in your default web browser BEFORE starting the subscription process. The list service we use is Google based, and it will automatically grab your Google email, if one is signed in, even if you subscribe from a different email address.

For detailed instructions on subscribing see "How to Subscribe" below.

Lists you can join:

Coaches   coaches@ngresapl.org

To subscribe send an email to coaches+subscribe@ngresapl.org

A list for news and information pertaining to coaching from NGRESA. Members of this list will receive emails from NGRESA but will not be able to post to the list.

ELA          ela@ngresapl.org  

To subscribe send an email to ela+subscribe@ngresapl.org

A list for news and information pertaining to ELA from NGRESA. Members of this list will receive emails from NGRESA but will not be able to post to the list.

PL            pl@ngresapl.org  

To subscribe send an email to pl+subscribe@ngresapl.org

A list for news and information pertaining to all of the Professional Learning opportunities available from NGRESA. Members of this list will receive emails from NGRESA but will not be able to post to the list.

How to Subscribe:

1. Send an email to the appropriate address listed below for the list you wish to join. Use "subscribe" as the subject, if required by your mail program.

Coaches coaches+subscribe@ngresapl.org

ELA       ela+subscribe@ngresapl.org 

PL         pl+subscribe@ngresapl.org

2. Once the request has been processed you will receive an invitation to join that reads:
     We received your request to join "listname".
     In order for us to complete the request, please reply to this email or click below:

     Click the "Join This Group" button

3. This will take you to a Google groups page and open a prompt.
     a. Enter your preferred email address (Remember, you need to have signed out of Google IF, AND ONLY IF, you want to use a non-Google email address)
     b. Click the check box for "I am Not A Robot"
     c. Click "Subscribe"

4. You will now receive one final email to verify that you are you. This is to prevent fake accounts.
     Click "Join This Group" again

You should then receive a message that you have been successfully joined to the group. You can then close any browser windows. You should then start receiving emails from the list when they are sent out. Google Gmail account users may also be able to sign into the group’s web page to see old messages. This feature will not work if you did not use a Gmail account.

To Unsubscribe from a List:

Send an email to [listname]+unsubscribe@ngresapl.org. For example; to unsubscribe from PL send the email to pl+unsubscribe@ngresapl.org.
if required, use unsubscribe as the subject.

If you have issues with a list, email the Tech Director at alan.gayton@ngresa.org

Consolidated Dates

Click HERE for the consolidated RESA System Calendar. This Calendar includes important dates for NGRESA and member systems. It includes holidays, breaks, planning days, and other dates.

System dates were accurate at the time of creation but are subject to change. Please consult each system's official calendar for the most up to date information.


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